Negative Effects Of Computer Games On Children And Young Adults


Ever since the computer was first created, computer games were designed to relieve a bored computer user. From basic old-fashioned 8-bit pixelated graphic games, till today’s blockbuster games with stunning clarity, games are designed just for us. A large majority of computer uses feel affectionate towards computer games, but owning a suitable hi end graphic card to run a game is another matter altogether. Today, they are over billions of gamers around the world, earning respect online and winning the digital war.

Children and young adults make up the digital popularity. These people would spend countless hours in cyber cafes or at home staring at their monitors, with their fingers hard at “work” pressing and clicking. It was once said, “too much of something isn’t good”, in this scenario, it translates to the fact that too much of computer gaming can and most likely will have an adverse effect to one’s mental and physical health. In many cases, students would change their daily routine to just play their games whenever possible, it seems that addiction is to be blamed for this.

Moving on, long hours of staring at the screen can obviously have a bad effect to our eyes. That is why we are required to look away from our monitors every once in a while. However, many ignore the dangers of staring too long at the monitor, and experience vision related anomalies. That is why many students these days have no choice but to wear spectacles or contact lenses to correct their vision, but they aren’t going to make a difference if they continue their bad habit. It is often said that focusing on a moving image on a monitor is bad for the eyes. Unfortunately with the invention of spectacles and contact lenses to correct their vision as needed, gamers have taken their eyesight for granted.

Lastly, a majority of gamers experience many health related issues. Sitting too long on a couch or chair can leave ugly side effects to our spine, and if left uncorrected, it can lead to severe damage to our skeletal system. It is often advised to stretch a muscle or two every forty-five minutes, but this does not guarantee that you’ll have a healthy back. Slouching is also bad for your spine, and a good sitting posture is important. Most importantly, gamers should have a cup of water, not the carbonated energy drinks, at their side to prevent dehydration.

In conclusion, the negative effects that plague children and young adults alike are actually avoidable if our computer usage is controlled. Putting that into consideration, one can say that the benefits might outweigh the negative effects by a long shot, as long as no computer abuse or addiction occurs.

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