Why people should quit gambling?

Gambling is a thrilling game of uncertainty, and this game can drive people to their extreme limits. Anything one puts forward, with his primary intent of winning additional money or material goods are considered as gambling. This risky game, also has an adverse effect on the human brain, forcing the gambler to place more bets and this makes the gambler even harder to quit the game. Some people gamble to solve their financial woes while others see this as a getaway from stress and worries. No matter what the reason may be, gambling is always a game of uncertainty, and people should stay away from it.

Gambling can cause other serious problems in the future if it spiral out of control. Reckless gambling can cause a severe impact on a gambler’s finances, and in many cases, could result in bankruptcy too. Gamblers tend to neglect other important areas of their life, like their family and work.

A gambler’s family are affected in many ways. The children, however, are the “invisible victims”, and people don’t quite seem to see this from their perspective. These children experience emotional and physical problems as a direct result of their parent’s habit. The child will be unable to complete school homework, and in some cases, will start to hate going to school, as others will mock about their parent’s addiction. They tend to bottle up all their feelings inside them, and this will lead to them running away from home, suicide, or even murder, as this vents their anger. All this will affect the development of the child. The gambler’s dealing with criminals may make the family unsafe, and this will lead to divorce as their partner and children have lost total trust in the family member.

The gambler’s mind and perception of things will change. His life will be evolving around gambling. He may become over depressed when losing a large amount of money, so he resorts to alcohol to make him feel better or becoming over-excited when winning large amounts of money. He tends to talk about his winnings to other people eventually irritating them.

The gambler’s life will spiral out of control, and he would have lost most of his friends. From this stage onwards, the gambler is left alone and he will be having trouble finding his way up again. With his addiction out of control, a time shall come when he would have lost all his money. He may have no one to trust, and probably getting involved in criminal activities or risky behaviours, to keep the pot boiling.

Gambling changes life. You aren’t going to get ‘lucky’ every single time. I personally believe that there is no luck in what you have won, but the steps you took to win it. People should understand that money is not life itself. Yes, money makes the world go around, but too much money can awake a beast within. The beast of greediness. Life is colourful and beautiful, and you’re only going to get one chance living it. Don’t you want that joy of having your first child, seeing them grow into adults, seeing them enjoying life and feeling happy that as a parent, you’ve given your child everything?

Mother Nature have kept us thrilled with all her surprises, beautiful landscapes and even a natural band we hear every morning. To see every morning is a blessing from the Man upstairs and we might not know what’s going to happen next. Humans can live without money, after all, we have been living that way for a long time. Gambling is not an escapism on to solve financial woes, but it’s going to kill you mentally and physically. So before picking up your bag of cash to head into a casino, think about your family, friends and even the aftermath, because you’re missing the main picture.

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