The Car As A Status Symbol

Ever wondered owning a Lamborghini, the fame and respect you get judged by what car you own. From an innovation to a revolution, the car have become a must have for every living human. Cars have evolved into many stages from noisy engines to silent ones, and style and brand have become an important factor when choosing a car.

            Humans are very strange sometimes, especially the rich ones. I personally believe that the poor will get to enjoy, and learn to be more responsible and caring towards what they own. Before we even step into the outside world, some of us will make sure that their stylish Patek Phillippe is on, their most comfortable polished shoes are on, a ridiculously highly priced coat and of cause, the luxurious car. We tend to greet him with fear and great respect why? Because we think he’s rich and hold a powerful post.

            The car, in many shapes and sizes are generally used to take us around. But today, we see many types of cars such as, the powerful sports car, an environment friendly hybrid, a luxurious car for superstars, the SUV, big and spacious.

            With cars, you wear your status on the road. Even you try to remove the emblem of your car, people will still know what car you’re driving. You would probably make a conclusion that the person driving the Camry V10 is probably poor, or work in some low class jobs. You attract attention when you’ve got an expensive car, or a Tri-star logo stuck at the back and front of your car.

            Is it important having an expensive car just to show off that you aren’t poor? Many poor people too these days purchase a car way off their budget just to show other people that they’ve got an expensive car. Are we living by other people’s comments or thoughts on us?

            This is what’s happening around. People nowadays live for other people. It’s their self-image which makes them important or not. I’m really sure everyone’s dream is to own a super expensive car. But people don’t seem to understand that this is not quite important.

            Cars were once built to bring us around, now these ‘cars’ are being used to judge who the person is. What about the rich people out there driving a less expensive car, don’t they feel embarrassed, why should they, they live for themselves and aren’t interested of other people’s comments on them.

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