Benefit Of Internet Usage

There lies a phobia that is plaguing a large percentage of the young and old today. Neophobia is the given word of fear of change which comes in many forms, like the fear of going to a new school or neighbourhood, the fear one might have when trying out something previously unheard of, or the fear of changing one’s daily routine, especially if that person is used to a certain routine. An example of that is the immense amount of fear some people have towards the internet. Sure it is scary if you look at it from a privacy conscious user’s perspective, annoyed and afraid of all the hackers lurking around the digital space or the conscious parents worrying of their children falling victim to paedophiles online or even those unexpected ominous advertisements which would pop up anytime or anywhere. The internet is like an open society, and like any social societies, good and bad lurks around it. But these points can be considered as nit-picking, as with proper usage, the internet can be a wonderful and beneficial space filled to the brim with knowledge and opportunity.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that the following would only apply to those that do not abuse the internet, as I have pointed our earlier, the internet can be a dangerous space if not properly used, akin to sandbox games, specifically Minecraft. If one were to properly use the tools made available to the player, he or she can create wonderful marvels of engineering, from exact replicas of famous landmarks, to actual working computers. However, if one were to abuse the game, disastrous consequences occur, from swimming in lava with full of diamond gear, to getting your server invaded by some anonymous troll burning all your precious feats of engineering to ashes.

There is a reason why the internet is also called the information highway, and that would be that with the power of the internet, information is at our fingertips. Just imagine the endless possibilities that it holds. Need a synonym to a word which you can’t spell and strangely can’t find it in a dictionary, simply ask Google. Want to learn how to cook fried chicken but you’ve never touched a stove in your life, ask Food Network Online. Need to do a report on the refugee crisis befalling Europe but haven’t even heard about a country named Portugal, ask the internet. Basically the internet is where you would go to if you have any questions, no more big hefty encyclopaedias the size of the Antonov An-225. Don’t know what that is? Ask the internet.

After the creation of the internet, we as a human race have never been so inter-connected before. There is a theory named “The six degrees of separation” that theorizes that anyone can be connected to everyone in a maximum of six connections. For an example, I am friends with, a person who is related to someone who is a co-worker of someone who is a childhood friend of a partner of the CEO of Samsung. It is said that this theory is strengthened furthermore by the internet, before this, it would be rare for someone to know another person in another state, much less from a different country. With the internet however, everybody knows and is in touch with at least one person that lives in a faraway country from a different continent.

“But what does this mean?” you might ask. It means that with the internet, we are able to maintain stronger and more everlasting relationships with other people. The phrase “lost in touch” is practically extinct, and has almost lost it’s meaning in today’s technologically advanced world. If used properly, this could mean that entire families could always stay in contact with each other regardless of distance from each other. Everybody is just a click, Facebook message, tweet, WhatsApp, or skype away. More importantly, no more awkward family reunions, where no conversation would get past “When are you getting married?” or “How is your job?”, and more interesting points could be shared between each other as everybody is already comfortable with one another, or not.


“When there is a will, there is a way.” That was what was on the minds of those who first came up with the idea of doing business through the internet, or E-commerce as it is called. I’m sure you are aware of the websites called Amazon and E-bay, where sellers can sell things and essentially make money online. Previously, this business is done face to face, where the buyer and the seller have to be in physical contact with each other, obviously this limits the customer range and thus limits profit. With the internet, no physical contact is required to sell something, and it can be carried out between two people who are on the opposite sides of the planet. Yes, there is the risk of being cheated or being manipulated. But with proper execution through legitimate sites, the risk is significantly reduced then when using shady websites.

To conclude, the internet is a wonderful space, regretfully it has its flaws and can be dangerous when not utilised properly. However, it all depends on how one were to utilise it, whether to create and spread positive vibes around the world, or to use it as a means to a devilish end. All in all, the internet is not perfect but at the same time, it has the potential for great things. In its defence, there isn’t anything we humans have invented so far that can be considered as perfect, or even as close to perfect, but the internet is far from it, but will that change, time is left to tell.

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