You begin to hear your racing heart, you start taking deep breaths, your fingers and toes turn cold, your palms become sweaty, beads of sweat begin pouring over your forehead, your ears pick up the softest sounds too, and you respond to almost all of it. What is happening? Something is bothering you, and you can’t think straight because there’s fear in your path.

What is fear, and why do we fear of things? First of all, let me stress that fear is not real! It’s a product of our imagination. Your imagination of negative stuff will put you in fear. We only feel fear when we sense something bad might happen in the future, but we don’t know if it will happen or not, do we? Fear is a choice. Yes, it’s our choice. We can choose to fear something or not, as fear only exist in our thoughts of the future.

Almost every one of us fear of something. We may have the fear of not becoming famous or successful, not being loved, not getting good grades, loneliness, death or even something that  might not exist. We tend to sleep to forget our worst fears, but we aren’t resting, as our minds are still at work fearing something.

Fear is generally considered a negative emotion, but many do not know that it’s not. The emotion, fear, has been stuck with us for a long time, but why? In fact, the world would be chaotic if no one could fear. The key question now is, why do we even need to fear of something.

Fear, has always been an important factor for our existence, and thus it has been preserved throughout evolution and  hard-wired into every human being on Earth. Our sophisticated brain sends various signals to our body, and that explains the sudden decrease of body temperature, increase in palpitations, and the mind becoming really “sensitive” to physical sensations. In these situations, our body has triggered the fight-or-flight response.

It is generally believed that students tend to complete the strictest teacher’s homework, this is because they fear the consequences, such as being caned. In fact, recent research points to the fact that students from schools with strict rules are much more mentally prepared for their future.

In conclusion, fear enables a person to be more careful of certain things. Fear is actually good to a certain extent. But one should not have too much fear, as this may affect their health, and future too. It is generally believed that fear is a disadvantage, but as I’ve said earlier, it’s a little drama unfolding in your imagination. It’s sometimes good, in certain situations, to overcome some kinds of fear. So don’t go out there fearless! Have some fear, be alert, and don’t be fearful when there’s a situation. Fear is all in our imagination, so have fun fighting your personal war, all in the mind.

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