Should School Uniforms Be Abolished?

A student’s character can be judged by just observing his uniform. The uniform displays some of a student’s characteristics, level of discipline, personal cleanliness, his school pride, and essentially his attention to details. School uniforms have been around for a long time, and some schools are already abolishing them, thinking they don’t suit the twenty-first-century lifestyle. School uniforms are not for fashion, but to represent a standardized education system, school and students of those schools.

The origins of school uniforms are still unknown, it has been acknowledged that school uniforms were already implemented back in the 19th century. Back then, a hat, a mackintosh, a flannel trousers and a tie were the requirements of a student. Now days, this dress code has evolved to a more complicated form, and varies in of a student. Now days, this dress code has evolved to a more complicated form, and varies in different countries, states and schools, some countries have different uniforms to suit their four seasons, other times it is used to show that a student is a member of a board or society. For example, prefects and student librarians wear different uniforms, to stand out from other ordinary students. It is also meant to differentiate students from a different school or level of education. Students wear these uniforms as a symbol of respect for their school and take pride of studying in that particular school. School uniforms have been effective in reducing clashes between students within a school, thus making them all equal and as a family.

It is said that school uniforms have several positive and negative social implications on students. Uniforms make boys appear professional and to leave an impression of a professional business man. It also creates a sense of identity and brotherhood among students. As for the girls however, uniforms promote femininity, restrict certain movements and force certain ways of sitting and playing. Girls are thought to become more humble and learn to become a “proper” girl. It also gives the same sense of identity and brotherhood, or in this case, sisterhood, as the boys. In these ways, uniforms promote professionalism in boys’ and femininity in girls, and togetherness among both of them.

School uniforms are known as a student’s symbol. They enhance the learning environment for students by preventing students from wearing clothing which are inappropriate which would possibly distract students from lessons taught at school. For example, a student might wear expensive looking, or branded clothing in an attempt to show off the fact that he came from a very fortunate family. On the other hand, a poor student only needs a uniform, regardless of brand or expensive prices. These people do not really matter of status symbols because they are forced to spend their money wisely in order to live!

Adding on, uniforms are needed to maintain discipline in schools. In this way, it teaches students how to dress accordingly in situations. Students will not only be prepared academically, but in a social sense as well. Another important reason why uniforms are needed is to differentiate strangers from students within the school area. This way, the school area would be more secure against kidnappings, drug related cases and other petty crimes.

Students and teachers these days are forgetting the real reason behind the implementation of uniforms and opt for casual clothing. At the same time, in some countries, school uniforms are really expensive, and thus, a burden to tight belted parents. In some countries, social grants may not be enough to cover all the necessities, and getting a uniform which can only last for a maximum of two years is simply a waste to these people. Besides that, students are moving away from school uniforms is because they are less appealing. One should always understand that school uniforms meant for discipline, not fashion! As a matter of fact, uniforms are tailored as such so that students learn to adapt and follow a guideline without whining about. School uniforms make students all equal and to the same group, without separating someone by skin, race, or belief. However, a case study conducted by Wade and Stafford back in the year 2003, shows that there is no evidence indicating that a uniform policy increases academic achievement. From the year 2000 onwards, some schools worldwide are agreeing to the fact that uniforms are not for students of the 21st-century and have moved away from uniform policies.

To sum up, I personally believe that school uniforms are needed and should be a must in all schools. Schools must have some guidelines in order to discipline students, and without them, student moral values will start to deteriorate. Some students pay close attention to detail and making sure their shoes are polished to have that reputable image. Some may disagree to the fact that school uniforms should be abolished, but a person’s way of dressing sheds a lot of light on his character and behaviour.

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