Report on the involvement of the English Society during the School Canteen Day

Report on the involvement of the English Society during the School Canteen Day


The English Society recently took part in the school’s annual event, the School Canteen Day, and it was a huge success. The School Canteen Day started on time at 8.00 a.m. and was officially opened by the school Principal, Mr. Tucson.

Unlike other stores which had games, delicious but unique food and drinks, the English Language stall featured a Guess-the-Idiom game, which at first, was a surprise to many of the students. We wanted our stall to stand out, and be knowledgeable at the same time, so we took a gamble of actually featuring this game during the School Canteen Day.

Some of the English Society’s members were assigned to manage the stall in groups of three. All members reported for duty punctually and they worked two-hour shifts so that the students do not miss too much of their subjects at class.

Throughout the School Canteen Day, the stall was kept busy and was entertaining many students and teachers. The participants enjoyed the game which was featured at our store, and some even complimented the organisers for coming up with this whole idea.

After three hours of non-stop activities during the School Canteen Day, the event came to an end, and the English Society made a profit of RM380. However, not all the prizes were given out during the event, and those prizes are to be kept for the upcoming English Week activities that will be held throughout the year.

The English Society members stayed back to help with the clean-up operation. The canteen was in a huge mess, but the clean-up was seen easy because everyone was helping each other out. The area was finally cleared and sparkling, and everyone went home by about 4.30 p.m.


Written by,

John Doe,

President of the English Society

Download here Pro.HS13052016

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