“United we stand, Divided we fall”

With great power comes great responsibility, and as being people in today’s society, it’s our responsibility in ensuring the people around us are happy and in harmony. At first glance, one might think being united is an easy task. It is probably about accepting each other, or being good to each other, but there is more than meets the eye. Unity should be naturally born into every individual, not being forced into them by enforcing laws or punishing those who disobey. Unity is key for a bright, harmonious, secure and prosperous future for mankind.

            Throughout the centuries of mankind on Earth, we transformed for the better with every evolution, we invented machines in search of an easier lifestyle, we believed in our supreme leaders when world war broke, we mourned the brave men and women who were lost on the battlefield, and we saw the rise of extraordinary men and women who changed the world through non-violence movements. But what comes to mind when thinking about unity, is a man with A Dream whose speech sent shockwaves across The States, and seas, a man who wants to see little Blacks boys and girls hold hands with little White boys and girls. Martin Luther King Jr. has indeed found a place in everyone’s heart. Unfortunately, despite many inspiring speeches, influential leaders, and even after centuries, unity is on very shaky ground in some parts of the world. 

            The key question now is why can’t we live together in harmony, and why is there a certain stigma attached to the Blacks and many other people from different parts of the world. People are brought up in different backgrounds, and have different ways of music, art, or even language, but when looking from a broader perspective, these “differences” are normal to them, because it’s their way of living, it’s their identity, and we, as humans, have to respect and learn about these people. Our differences in culture and tradition are what makes the people vibrant and colourful. Try imagining a world where everyone does the same things, everyone eats the same things, or even everyone plays the same games, the world would be, rather boring, in my opinion.

            Unity is key in ensuring social stability. Maintaining peace in a region or a country is no easy task, a single misunderstanding can cripple the bond between the people and the government. We have learnt from history how a divided society can cause a very successful empire to suddenly collapse, like The Fall of the Western Roman Empire. In a multiracial country, maintaining peace while juggling many other races and religions can be troublesome for governments. Looking back at history, during the British Colonisation in Malaya, the people were divided and sent to different parts of the country, thus never giving them the opportunity to mingle around. Today, we see the effects and consequences of a divided society, and we see the difficulty and complexity of bringing these people together. Cultivating unity is not an easy task, nor a task which can be achieved in a short term.

            However, there is a silver lining, and fellow Malaysians would have to work even harder to bring the people together. Furthermore, the bond of trust and harmony between people from different backgrounds should be strengthened. It should be understood that it’s not up to the government in ensuring the society is united, but it’s up to the people to make sure the people around them feel comfortable, nurturing a united society. If we continue to strengthen unity in Malaysia, tensions among different races and religion would be diminished, and Malaysians can live a happily ever after. A one school system would forever break the way how the British led our country, cultivating the young ones to live, breath, and grow with the other people, because it’s from there we can learn, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

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