Report on how to improve the conditions of the school so that students will feel more comfortable (Actual Exam Question & Answer)

To School Principal,

Report on how to improve the conditions of the school so that students will feel more comfortable

                Our class, 5C, has come out with several suggestions to improve the conditions of the school. Firstly, the school compound needs a facelift. We would like more trees to be planted along the school compound to enhance the greenery of the school and to provide shade. Providing benches under trees would encourage students to do their revision under shady trees then hanging out in the canteen. The current number of rubbish bins are always full, and students often throw rubbish into nearby drains instead. Several more rubbish bins should be provided around the school to prevent students from dumping their trash into drains.

                Our school library has also been wilting throughout the years. There should be more varieties of reading material introduced to the library. The current chairs squeak all the time and are in need of urgent replacement, they would not be able to hold on any longer. We have found several damaged library books that needs to be refurbished before they can be borrowed. The library carpet is so dusty and worn-off and is also in need of maintenance. Placing shoe racks outside the library would encourage students to remove their shoes – thus longing the carpet’s lifespan. We also think the current number of librarians are inefficient, and more librarians are needed to keep the library in tip-top shape.

                Our aging canteen is unable to handle the number of students we have today. Many more wash basins are needed to quicken the time students queue to wash their hands. The one-recess-system is overcrowded, and some of the students are even unable to have their meals before the bell goes off. A two-recess-system is much needed, one for the lower form, and one more for the higher form. The canteen is also in need of more fans to help cool its students, as the weather these days is too hot. More dustbins should be put up to prevent overflowing dustbins, and thus keeping the canteen clean.

                These are the suggestions our class, 5C, has come up with. We hope the School Principal will consider these suggestions.


Thank you,




Class monitor of 5C


  • Scored 15/15 for format and content points, and 16/20 for language points.
    Total 31/35 for Directed Writing Section A.
  • Please view question below.


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