Ways to reduce bullying in schools (Actual Exam Question & Answer)

                Bullying is a common and serious problem in most Malaysian Schools. Various steps have been taken by the authority to combat this issue, unfortunately, the cases of bullying have been only increasing in the past years. Bullying does not only mean abusing someone physically, but can also mean mugging, verbal abuse, blackmail and flaming. It is often said that bullies should be punished with heavy penalties for what they have done, but little effort is put in to actually learn about the bullies themselves. In some cases, bullies say the engage in bullying because they feel that they are in control of the situation, unlike at home, parents pay little or no attention to their existence. Teachers and parents are to be blamed partly for awakening a bully in someone, but in the end, the person should decide wisely about engaging in bullying to feel better, or seeking help from friends or professionals.

            Like every problem, they are different ways to skin a cat – every problem has a solution of some sort. Teachers play an important role in keeping schools conducive and free from bullies. Firstly, teachers should identify bullies and approach them in a softer manner. Teachers should also speak to them to take not of anything catching their attention. Bullies sometimes just need people who would listen to them, and a simple talk can mean a world to them. Teachers should also encourage students to not isolate them during group activities, or friendly talks, to enable a bully to mix in with society. Friends are really important in a students’ lives, and it is believed that, only friends can change another friend.

            Adding on, schools should also take steps to educate bullies to let them know how serious their problems can become. Yearly campaigns are organised in schools to educate and let them know how bullying can ruin lives. In some schools, the bullies are brought to a jail to witness the nasty conditions of a jail. Interviewing inmates related to bullying can give a whole new insight to bullies and may change them for the better. Most inmates regret their actions, and take part in government programs to educate the young ones to quit bullying. Bullying can also lead to other big issues in the future such as getting involved in gang fights, murder, arson, and even trouble with the law. It may be surprising, but bullying is the first step to failure.

            However, force is needed at some point to change bullies. Schools should enforce laws and come down hard on bullies. Heavy penalties should be taken against them for their actions. Schools can also reprimand them from entering classes by asking them to sweep the school, for an instance. Public canning and school suspensions are also necessary for bullies that are involved in much serious issues. Sure it might not be the most pleasing way to correct bullies, but schools are not just doing these for the wellbeing of the other students, but also want to break the bullies and make them snap out from bullying. Besides, it’s the bully’s choice to turn a new leave, and start a new lease of life.

            Bullying is a serious crime and can ruin lives. Bullies should change for the better, and they are many other things to do then bullying. I really encourage other students to mingle with bullies, so that they understand that people actually want to accept them in society. Failure to snap out from bullying can lead to an unhappy, worrying and paranoid life ahead. Prevention is better than cure, bullies should realise and change before ending up in jail for their actions, and then regretting.

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