Journey to forgiveness

Stormy gloomy day,

in a corner I lay,

thinking of what to say,

thoughts were nothing but grey.

Hoped for a happy ending,

messed it instead of mending,

see no good-see no heading,

Life around me was fading.

Through rain and shine of no joy,

I myself did not know why,

doing things I like-I try,

made no progress-all but dry.

Memories repeat on and on,

a glimpse of all-was and then gone,

This feeling was more than a ton,

It was going to be a long dawn.

So what makes a friend,

I wonder I ask,

Do they come and go like a trend,

or at work finishing my task.

Why is trust so shy,

why is it hard to come by,

do secrets stay in the crater,

or a sword to be used later.

Why do friends fear the tide,

why they often pick a side,

fear of opinions that may bite,

right or wrong? They’re always right.

I thought you as a story,

of fairy-tale and worry,

I never thanked the shade,

But then it was too late.

Now battle lines have been drawn,

wrath and curses are blown,

consequence of war is shown,

why is peace hard to own.

But the time I feared has come,

where regret and life feels numb,

colourful pathways that were once lit,

extinguished-I am back in doom’s pit.

But about me that don’t show,

secrets beneath you would know.

So I journeyed to the mountain top,

to end this dream – pop, pop, pop,

edge of a ledge I see the setting Sun,

waiting for the real me when I was done.

The rain had just made its rounds,

streams and birds make its sweet sounds,

the roads below were filled with glare,

of head and tail lights that cars flare,

I felt the good old wind through my hair,

Rejuvenating with Nature’s fresh air,

It all felt a little better now,

still wondering what had happened and how,

It was seven and time to call it a day,

as the kids around were no more at play,

Above-a fusion of dark and day of twilight,

it was Nature’s way in saying everything is alright,

and so it was night-the end was a smile,

the days before were surely worthwhile.

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