Writing Made me Alive

I spoke aloud, I spoke with an aim,

I spoke and spoke, but all stayed the same,

My voice was not heard, some called it lame,

My voice won’t be heard, it was far from my aim.

My voice and I, through months and years,

My voice and I…. brought me tears,

If only I hoped, someone with accepting ears,

If only I hoped, ears that put an end to my fears.

I found a getaway, but I had to be someone,

I found a getaway, that was when it all begun,

Empty pages I filled, readers found it fun,

Empty pages I filled, hardship I’ve been through – one-by-one.

Far and forgotten, words made me alive,

Far and forgotten, writing stories I thrive,

What if my voice was heard, into my tales, would anyone take a dive,

What if my voice was heard, would I continue writing, writing made me alive.

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