Pahang’s 3 Peaks

There are several places to visit and things to do in Pahang, and this 36 thousand square kilometres of land would never send you back without total satisfaction. This beautiful state consists of three sections: the highlands, the rainforest, and the coastal areas. This place is home to about a million local Malays and people from ethnic groups, and as well as few hundred thousands of Chinese, Indians and others. During Pahang’s early days of development, their rich rainforests were heavily used to produce wood products, as a result, production of wood products reduced significantly due to lack of mature trees in the years which followed. However, people in coastal areas relied heavily on fishing as their only source of income. Dried and salted fish are famous in Pahang, and Ikan Patin is a local favourite among the people of Temerloh. It is said that Pahang has the world’s oldest rainforest, roughly about 130 million years old. Beyond the thick rainforest, many rare or endangered species can be found living in it.

                Pahang has three main peaks, which are popular tourist attractions and getaways from stress and worries. Today, Pahang’s main source of income is tourism, and these highlands are constantly inviting people from all over the globe, every single day. Firstly, Cameron Highlands is a place excellent for plantation. Tea and other vegetables are exported throughout Malaysia and to neighbouring countries. Unlike other parts of Malaysia, the peaks of Pahang are cold, with temperatures dropping to 18 Celsius at night. Some of the farms are open to visitors, so go ahead, pluck your own fruits. You will also be able to buy tea or simply have a cup of tea on a deck facing the vast lands of tea plantation. Hotels in Cameron Highlands are cheap, and don’t be surprise if you can’t find a ceiling fan – it’s cold enough! By and large, Cameron Highlands is a perfect retreat, and a relaxing place to be.

                Secondly, just not far from Cameron Highlands lies Fraser Hills. It does attract tourists but not as many as Cameron Highlands. However, that does not mean Fraser Hills should be ignored during your trip to Pahang. This small and quiet patch on the hills, feels so much like an old British Empire, reminding of those times when sergeants and top British officials would take a break from their busy lives. Unfortunately, this town was left in the quiet backwaters when the Japanese stormed Malaya by surprise, therefore, the town saw little to no development. In my opinion, Fraser Hills being in the backwaters, actually is a blessing in disguise, because today, these are the very few places that still maintain its originality, without development, truly earning its name as Little England. It’s also one of the nearest Overnight retreats from Kuala Lumpur, it gives a man the time to think and reflect. Photographers would love the scenery to and around the hills, it’s a place you feel like England, but in Asia. Moreover, they are good food available, so enjoy this little town, sit by the old clock, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy your stay in Little England.

                Good things come to those who wait, and finally, we had come to the main attraction of Pahang. Genting Highlands is one of the most popular resorts not only in Asia, but throughout the world. It is a playground for both children and adults, a place filled with laughter. The cable car ride has a spectacular view and it’s an alternative way to the theme park. Its raison d’être is the Casino, the only one in the whole of Malaysia, Resort World Genting. If you find yourself playing kid stuff, put on your gambling shoes, and dig in to the life of gambling, money talks. At the time of writing, Genting Highlands is undergoing a huge transformation, and the already good resort, is wanting to enthusiast even more visitors, and the stakes are high. With its upcoming 20th Century Fox World themed theme park, what more can one ask for, so start saving every penny, its surely worth it when the doors are opened to public.

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