“Students should be independent learners.” Do you agree?

Being a student is the easiest thing you can be, says our parents, but is it true? The life of a student is basically a time frame for a student to develop him or herself for the outside world. However, many students today tend to enjoy their student life, without knowing what is in store for them in the future. Some students are self-educated; does that mean they are weak?

            In my opinion, I think schools are like “worker producing factories” that constantly supply a steady flow of fresh minds. There are some scenarios when we wonder how teachers become teachers. But back to the point, are teachers actually required to nurture students, or can students carve their way to the top with self-effort?

            It looks simple on paper to becoming a good student, but in reality, it is going to be a hard grind to change old habits. They are pros and cons of a student being self-educated, but primarily, a student can really understand something forever if he puts his mind to it. Many doors are open to those who self-educate, and the myth about self-educated students are weak is entirely not true.

            Independent students who self-educate needs a huge amount of discipline. It is often believed that these students understand the subjects even easier than those in traditional schools because of their brains are hard at work decoding what is the easiest way to understand something. These students also apply their brains to what they are learning, and they can forever remember them than those in traditional schools. This is because, self-educated students are at their own pace, and are able to understand something slowly than rushing it.

            Secondly, one should understand that teachers can only guide a student a little, and it’s the students’ efforts which pay off in the end. Self-thought students are not only left alone to understand something for themselves, they open up new windows to gain knowledge. Learning is a long-term process which a student needs to like in order to understand. In schools however, some students may dislike a particular teacher’s method of teaching, thus creates a false perception of the subject itself, and may forever hate the subject because of a teacher. Students who self-educate, are allowed to use other methods to gain knowledge, for example, playing an additional mathematics related game to understand a said chapter.

            I strongly believe self-thought students are inventors. They go outside-of-the-box to gain new knowledge this expand their critical thinking skills. Unlike students from classrooms, these “inventors” tend to have a different perspective on the world itself, besides, many inventors were once failures or drop-outs, and that gives a man time to think about what to do with life. I agree that some self-educated students are low in social skills, but that does not mean they should be cornered off.

            On the whole, I think students would become more successful if they are independent learners, because everything they do to gain knowledge is different than those in traditional schools. The myth about self-educated students has to be crushed, let us admit that a student’s blood, sweat, and tears are the ultimate secret to success!

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