Should students be allowed to bring laptops to school? Discuss

Continuous Writing

Technology have played an important role in shaping our modern world today, and have helped people in various ways. introducing the use of laptops in classrooms have sparked many debates around the world, but, some believe, this would have a positive impact on students, especially to those tech savvy ones. Many universities have researched on in-class use of laptops and other devices, and the results have its pros and cons.


By enabling students to bring their laptops to school, textbooks, notebooks, and printed materials will no longer serve a purpose as all their printed material will be available digitally, and as well, shedding some weight off their backs. Students can now easily search for key points in thick textbooks by simply striking the “find” key, or be able to type an essay in a shorter period of time, and need not worry about hand aches after long write-ups. Typing an essay, enables a person to review his own work on-the-go. Spelling mistakes, or grammar mistakes are highlighted, and the student self-learns and corrects his work.


But not all students are willing to play by the rules. over the past few years, internet-related crimes have been fluctuating, but the numbers are still high. It is often said that by enabling students to use laptops in classrooms, students tend to lose focus in their studies as they are busy chatting or watching videos online. Also, we may have to think about other poor people out there, as they can’t afford a laptop. Adding in, many say that teachers will lose control of the classroom, as everyone is busy doing their own things on their laptops.


To sum up, I would say students should be allowed to bring laptops to school, but with under strict supervision.The education department has to set guidelines and I suggest introducing a special Operating System for student-laptops to prevent unnecessary problems, curb cyber-crimes in schools, and limit what students can do during class sessions. I believe if all these guidelines are set well, schools will be a fun and interactive place to learn, all made possibly by technology! However, the human mind is the ultimate control.

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