What’s being a young journalist like in Malaysia, a story

Hi there,

This is a real story of my journey from being an ordinary school kid, to be in the heart of true Malaysian matters, to be in news writing. I wanted to put this into a long story, but well, I figured it was too time consuming. This is a real story of myself, right after secondary school, and right into the heart of news writing. Yes, at one point, I did question myself, whether it was actually worth to do such a thing, but, I was somehow, interested in Malaysian news, because, it was different, it was… unique. Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any questions, I will be replying.

The Story Begins…

It was the last day of SPM. The invigilator had just taken our papers and we were allowed to leave the classroom. This will be my last time sitting in that classroom, I looked back, smiled, headed for my bag, packed everything up, and I was on my way back. Well despite it was my last day of form 5, I was not upset.

I always take the metro back home. During the one hour journey, it gave me time to ponder on random things, about people, stories, and feelings. I was also thinking about what would it be like, to be in the heart of news writing, jumping right into it without even entering university or without professional qualifications. Yes, instead of enjoying my four months of holidays, I’ve decided to work for a news agency, a popular one. I wanted a little thrill in my life. I only had one day of rest, two days from now, I will be in the newsroom, a dream come true.

Stay tuned for more…

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