The future of the world lies in educating the younger generation. Do you agree?

From the miserable dark ages to the evanescent Golden age of smartphones and cutting age technology, our fore fathers have brought upon a series of revolutions that makes the 21st century an epic age to be a part of. But despite all that eye opening and jaw dropping discoveries, what about social morals or basic etiquette? Are they all as dead as dodo birds? Have we been living on the fast tracks for too long to even realise the moral setbacks of today’s society? This is detrimental to our futures as negative examples and bad habits are being projected onto the younger generation. What if today’s hedonistic teens refuse to accept the responsibility of carrying out their future duties as leaders and supporters of humanity? Therefore, I agree that the future of the world lies in educating the present younger generation.


First of all, I believe that the root of all problems lie within the person, from their very roots, the thresholds of their lives; their homes. Due to today’s unpredictable economical surges, parents are desperately trying to make ends meet to the point where their very own flesh and blood are being neglected at home. Their children, on the other hand, are given unlimited freedom to explore, as a result of lack of moral boundaries busy parents or guardians have failed to set. Children as young as 5 years of age have started smoking or misusing drugs. This ultimately destroys their chances of living a healthy and happy life in the future in a long run. Do we even realise that the lack of education on the effects of the drug abuse and cigarettes to youngsters these days actually shortens the lifespan of an average human which then would bring on the early destruction of mankind?


Furthermore, the younger generation these days are spoilt as they are given everything they have desired and asked for. This is terrible as these youngsters are not taught the hardships that one has to endure and persevere through in life in order to succeed. Even at institutions, students are being spoon fed with answers. This stops the stimulation of their mental growth and makes them vulnerable to real-life problems and obstacles. Which explains the growing number of suicide cases among students today. Children and teens alike should be given basic guidance in assignments and be trained to tackle critical questions by cultivating creativity and innovation in their young minds.  With that said, we can expect to see a brighter future for us all.


Other than that, adults should start setting up good examples for their children. Young children see their parents as super heroes and would follow in their every step. To illustrate, if a parent is smoking or misusing drugs, the chances of their child being an addict is very high. Moving on, parents should start teaching their children to make friends with the right group of people. Teens these days, due to lack of self-consciousness, due to lack of guidance, are not active in beneficial extra-curricular activities or academics. Instead they are busy making a ruckus in dark corners of alleys or partaking in dangerous night activities such as illegal racing and drug smuggling. Are we raising the next heirs to our country as future delinquents and crooks?


Therefore, it is high time we turn over a new leaf and start paying attention to what really matters in life; our children. More funds should be allocated to our country’s educational programmes. Higher authorities should also make sure that these funds are distributed accordingly to schools in order to encourage the younger generation in their academics and basic life skills. With the nurturing and support, our children will be powerful enough to right the wrongs of our past generations. Which is why, I agree that the future of the world lies in educating the younger generation of today.


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