Au Revoir Upper Sixes 2017


Au revoir to those who welcomed us,
Through those doors with such superfluous
enthusiasm – from orientation running,
to waiting outside for signatures, sweating.
We drew, we dance, we made a fool of ourselves,
to please the giants (you), and we, the elves.


Though thinking about it after all these days,
Deep in our hearts, you made ablaze
As we try to recall gracious times,
Of Form 6’s first few days,
we saw you who amazed
us, because its now, long boring essays,
working our heads off even on Fridays,
and its no different on Sundays!
But you made us smile,
Back then, even if it was just for a while!


You made us all land here softly,
You made us integrate calmly,
You gave us something to believe,
So that the past we shall not grieve,
But to a better future we shall weave!
To a better self we all will achieve!


Yes, we may not have met all of you,
As these months were too few, aye, too few,
But here we are – all of us, as schoolmates,
One last time before you all walk through those gates,


We hope to see you all sky high,
Of the things around us which we believe you will glorify,
Through the ups and downs we go through life,
hard work and passion, all that’s needed for you to strive


Good luck and good bye, we bid,
We will remember you,
And so, we hope you will too.
Thank you!


Oct 23, 2017

A piece dedicated to our upper form boys and girls of 2017 during their farewell ceremony.
And as published by our School Magazine 2017 Edition.

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