When We Met

When We Met
By Fiona


Noel is shy. Despite being a prince charming, he’s always hiding behind his long hair bangs and his saggy clothes. He doesn’t speak normally and he doesn’t look at anyone in the eyes.

Christine is outgoing. She speaks what comes to her mind and never feels uncomfortable in front of others. She’s what you call a social butterfly.

When Christine and Noel meet in their high school alumni party, Christine accidentally bumped into Noel and caused him to panicked and ran away. Christine caught him and found out he’s an odd person.

Christine thinks it’s a waste for a charming man like him to be shy and socially awkward. Therefore, she decided to help Noel overcome his social problems by guiding him herself.

However, as she helps Noel in his journey, she discover that she began to stare at him longer than she wanted!


The Story

I’m going after him

“Oh, hey Mary! What’s up? It’s a surprise that you call these days.” greeted Christine.

“Yup, I’m as busy as a bee. Anyway, are you free this Saturday?” Mary asked.

“I should be. Why?”

“GREAT!” cheered Mary, “Let’s go to the alumni party!”

“Oh, that,” echoed Christine, “sure! Let’s meet up again.”

“Okay, at the entrance like we always do,”


“MARY!!!” boomed Christine.

“CHRISTINE!!!” cried Mary.

“I missed you so much! It’s been 5 years!”

“Same! I have lots of stories to tell,” agreed Mary, “But first, we know what’s our priority

right now, right?”

“Of course,” beamed Christine,”THE FOOD!”


“You know,” continued Alice, “there’s this super cute guy in my department now.”

“Oh my!” gasped Max, “Are you cheating on Jason now?! You unfaithful pers—”

“Oh, shut up Max,” groaned Mary, ” You know how loyal both of them are, right?”

“That’s right,” said Christine, “they are inseparable after that month’s incident.”

“Oh, right!” giggled Max and Mary.

“Christine!” shouted Alice, “How could you remind me of that?!”

“They always say, ‘One who doesn’t remember its history are bound to repeat it again’,” joked Christine, “Actually, you should thank me.”

“Hey!” growled Alice.

“Speaking of the devil,” began Max, “Here he comes.”

“Yo! What’s the big news?”

“Hey, Jason,” they responded.

“Well, we’re reminiscing of the moment whe—” explained Max.

“Um, Jason!” interrupted Alice quickly, “Shall we go for a dance now?”

“Eh, sure. But after this fir—” Jason said.

“Jason Lee. Dance. NOW.” Alice insisted.


“That’s entertaining,” laughed Mary.

“Yeah, I wanna have another drink. Later!” said Christine.

“Another one please!’ ordered Christine.

“Here Miss,” offered the waiter.

“Thank you,” smiled Christine, “Okay, time to get back to the—”

“Ohhmm!” grunted a man.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Christine apologized, ” I can’t see you. Let me hel–”

“It’s, ah, okay, yes uhh, I’m” he mumbled softly, “Err, Goodbye…”

“Huh?! Hey, wait! Where are you’re running to?!” asked Christine.

“Christine?” Max broke in, “Is something—”

“Hold this, Max. I just met someone weird. I’m going after him to see if he’s alright.”


She’s Beautiful


“You ran off immediately after I spilled my drinks on you,” replied Christine, “I need to check if you’re okay.”

“Y-you don’t need to,” he responded softly, “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. I don’t even know how you look behind those awful blonde bangs. At least, allow me to apologized properly,” she sighed, “Anyway, I’m Christine. You?”

“Noel,” he replied.

“Hmm, let me at least wipe your shirt for you,” continued Christine, “You’re awfully quiet, aren’t ya?”


“Is that all you can say? Say something else,” Christine stated.

“Err, I get that a lot,” Noel stated.

“I can see that!” laughed Christine, “So, what are you working as?”

“…. Fashion designer.”

“You don’t look like one with your dress-up…”

“I just don’t like attentions,” he interjected.

“Ahh, social anxiety. Well, all done I wiped almost all the juic— WOW!” she gawked.


“Y-you’re a looker under those bangs,” Christine gulped, “You could have hooked any girls if you want. Wait, you already have one?!”

“W-what? No!” Noel replied.”

“Man, what a waste,” she uttered, ” You should just clip those bangs up or tie you hair. You’re wasting such good looks. I never had those…”

“Uhhh, I’m sorr—”

“Don’t apologized! I may not have the looks but I have my own charm,” she smiled, “Anyway, your social problems must be troublesome. Can I help out?”

“You don’t nee—”

“Don’t worry,” she continued, “I’ll make sure to leave you alone once you’re able to socialize properly. I just can’t stand people wasting their potentials. Hand it over! Your business card, fashion designer.”


“Alrighty, later then.”

“She’s beautiful…”



“Wow, Noel. You look dead,” Christine joked, “Chill up, once you get used to it. You’ll love what you’re doing!”

“I hope so,” he mumbled again, “That’s if I can get use—”

“We’re here!” Christine said, “Home Sweet Home…”

“Make yourself at home,” she invited him, “I’ll go make some coffee.”


“Hey, err, Christine?” Noel called.

“Yeah?” Christine replied.

“This drawing?” he asked.


“Drawing? Oh, that!” Christine said, “That’s a dress I saw in my dream. Isn’t it pretty? I dream of wearing it one day. Hey, maybe you can help! You’re a fashion designer, right?”

“Just joking, its expensive isn’t it. And hard too. Don’t mind what I’ve just said,” Christine continued, “Here’s your coffee!”


“Welcome,” Christine smiled.


I Need Help

“Hey, Chris!” Mary called, “How’s it going with designer boy?”

“Hi, Mary. Noel? Well, he’s making quite a progress. He’s finally able to make eye contacts when he speaks. He even asks decent questions now.”

Mary laughed, “You’re like killing two birds with a stone. You’re training Noel, while at the same time, you’re dragging him into doing all those charity works with you. Was this your plan from the start?”

“What?! No! I didn’t think of that at all. I just wanted to help…”


“Really? Anyway, since you two had been working together for quite a while now, how do you think of him right now?” teased Mary.

“Huh, how?” Christine wondered, “I don’t know. But…”



“I think I’m staring at him a bit too much…” Christine whispered softly.

“Huh?! I can’t hear you Chris.”

“Sorry, Mary, someone’s else is one the line. Later!”

“Wait! I’m not done ye—”

“Hello, who’s speaking?” Christine asked.

“Um, hello. Noel here,”


“Oh, hello! What’s up? You need something?”


“N-no. I don’t need anything but…” Noel paused.

“Speak up Noel…”

“I… n-need… help,” Noel stuttered.



I’ll Do My Best

“I can’t believe you’re so worried about this!”


“S-stop it,” complained Noel, “You already said that over the phone.”

“But, this is unbelievable!” Christine added, “You need me to accompany you to your company’s dinner?”


Christine sighed, “It’s okay. Let’s go then!”

“Hey, Noel! Who’s this lady?” a man asked.

“She’s been helping me recently,” Noel answered.

“Hi, I’m Christine,” she introduced.

“Hi, Christine. I’m Ben,” the man introduced, “I’m Noel’s colleagues.”


“I see. Are you used to his ‘character’ then?” Christine asked.

“Yeah,” Ben let out a laugh, “He’s pretty ‘rude’ in a lot of situations, but he’s actually really nice when you know him. I remember when he first came to the office and all the ladies wer—”

“I’ll go get something to drink,” Noel interrupted.

“You know, Christine,” Ben began, “You’re the first person he ever tells me about. He even told me your favourite food.”

“W-what?! Why?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted, “When he told me about you, I thought that maybe he’s found a hot chic or something. But I didn’t expect it to be normal lady though. No offence.”

“None taken,” Christine assured, “I get what you mean, judging by his looks. But why’re you telling me these?”

“Nah, I’ve known Noel for 8 years. Every time he sees a girl, he escapes. I’m worried he’s gonna stay single forever. Not that it’s a bad thing sometimes. However, after I saw you on my own, I realized that you have what Noel wants. I guess that’s why he enjoys being  around you.”


“… I don’t think I get it, sorry.”

Ben chuckled, “Don’t worry, sooner you’ll find out. Noel’s weird but he’s just really shy that’s all… As a friend, can I ask you to help him?”

“Sure, I’ll do my best.”



Don’t Worry

“Just place this over there, please,” Noel instructed.


“Not bad, eh? You’re finally giving them proper instructions.”


“Well, it’s all thanks to you Chris,” Noel smiled.


“Huh, you better. I’m stuck with you for a year and a half now. You better make all my effort worth. You’re voice is still not loud enough though,” she complained.



“What’s wrong, Noel?” she asked.


“You know, we have been together for that long. I was remembering the night when we first met—”

“Ah, I remember of course. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget what I said,” Christine said halfheartedly.

“What do you mean?”


“I said I’ll leave you alone once you’re good enough to socialise, right? I know. You have been wandering around the jewellery shop for quite some times now. You have someone in mind right,” she explained.

“What?! How do you know?”

“Silly boy, we live nearby, don’t we. I can see you wandering around the shop from my window.”

“Oh my goodness,” Noel blushed, “So embarrassing…”

“Before I can let you go, you must find a way to make your voice louder and clearer. Or not, she may not be able to hear you when you confessed!” she laughed.


“So, I guess you should practice more on this then. This should be the last charity project we’ll do together. I’m sorry if I took up all your annual leave.”

“No, I really enjoyed it,” Noel stated.

Christine gasped, “Really?”

“Yeah, so don’t worry.”

“This is our last one together. I guess I should act quick then…”


I’m Willing

“Yeah, today’s the last one.”

“Why?!” Mary screamed.

“Please Mary, I’d like my ears to be functional by the end of this call.”

“Opps, sorry,” Mary apologized, “But why?”

Christine sighed, “I told him, I would leave him be when he’s completed his training.”

“Don’t you even feel sad about it?”


“I do,” Christine replied solemnly, “I mean, if you spent a lot of time together, you would definitely find it hard to leave.”

“Then, don’t!”

“I don’t want to. But recently, I have a feeling he’s had someone in mind. So, I think it’s about time I let him go. My job is to only make him socially prepared for the world,” Christine explained sadly, “Plus, I’m sure the one he’s thinking of is someone pretty and outstanding. If he waits any longer, he might lose her…”

“….. You know, Chris,” Mary began, “YOU’RE TOO PESSIMISTIC! WHO SAID YOU’RE UGLY?!”

“Wow, calm down Mary. My ears—”


“Hello? Mary?! Did you just hang up on me?!!” Christine complained, “Seriously, what’s wrong with her? I didn’t say—”

“Hey! Christine Smith!!! The window!!!” a voice boomed.


“What are yo— Noel?! What are you doing out there?! It’s rainin—” Christine gasped.

“Christine! I wanted to tell you something!” Noel shouted.”

“Come in here first you idio—”

“I know, you may think you’re nothing compared to all those pretty girl you’ve seen! Yes, I agree!”

“WHAT?!!” Christine bellowed, “YOU CAME HERE JUST TO INSULT M—”

“But that’s okay!” Noel continued.








“THAT I LIKE YOU! No, even more! I LOVE YOU!” he confessed.


“I had met many pretty ladies in my career but none of them attracts my attention like you! I don’t know why but you’re the most beautiful person I’ve met!” Noel explained.

Noel continued, “The way you present yourself and talk to me, it’s different from others! People usually engaged me because of my looks but you see me for who I am!! So I’m really grateful for it!”

“T-the jewellery shop?!”

“I was thinking of giving it to you! But I know, you won’t like it! That’s why, I made something better!”

Christine gasped, “That is!”

“I remembered you customised a dress and said you dream of wearing it! So here! I tried my best to make it the same as your—-” Noel said.

“Noel!” Christine cried.

“…. Christine! Will you be with me until we die?!” Noel asked.


“It’s okay if yo—”

Christine laughed,”You said some silly things! Until we die?!”

“Yes, until we die! Are you willing?!”

“Yes, I’m willing.”

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