Dedicated Poem: A grace so precious…

A grace so precious cannot be immortalised,
Departing chapters of life we must internalise,
Today marks the end of a great Guru’s journey,
In search of getaways – definitely many.

A dedicated grace in putting the badminton club in order,
Besides rackets, straightening our English too – we adored her,
She claims herself to be a wicked step mother,
But the Mori uncles and aunties know she’s fairy god mother.

She talks us “cartoons” through of our life,
of interviews on how to survive,
She talks us to get to get facts around us right,
Through these three things, she hopes our futures are of delight.

Thank you Mrs. Yap for your years here,
We know this day will come – we could only fear,
But deep in our hearts you will stay,
We hope you will visit us often, and remember this Friday.

Dec 05, 2017


Dedicated to a long-serving-Methodist Boys’ Secondary-teacher who retired towards the end of 2017.

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