Journey to Broga Hills – without a personal car!

I did a quick search on Google on where to hike, Broga hills was the answer it gave me, that was a week ago. 5 days later, my classmate and I agreed to hike Broga Hills, but with a twist, without a personal car.

Since my car (my: I Don’t own the car but it’s a car I am allowed to use to get to places)  was barely holding itself together, its definitely no good idea to bring a car older than me on an hour-twenty minutes drive, and well, he was not crazy enough to bring his (he doesn’t own this motorcycle but it’s a motorcycle he is allowed to use to get to places)  motorcycle through all those kilometres, its amazing seeing Malaysian drivers drive!



So then it was set, we were supposed to meet at MRT Merdeka before making our long journey to Broga. After some waiting, we finally left Merdeka station towards Kajang, a roughly 45 minutes ride. With the clouds looming, and rain pouring, I was thinking to myself whether the trip had to be called off, my friend however was already believing that we might not be able


 to hike with the heavy rain. We left Kuala Lumpur towards Cheras and then into Kajang, but the clouds weren’t showing any good signs, it was dark. Thankfully though, when we reached Kajang, heavy rain have already passed that area and the Sun was beginning to shine, I was relieved.


And there we were infront of Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri, waiting for our bus at the Kajang Stadium MRT Station. Thirty minutes passed, we were still waiting, and then to our surprise, the bus we were waiting for, T460, actually departed not from the Bus Stop, but from the Stop Sign after the bus stop, how surprising indeed. We were quite frustrated that we missed that bus because we were right on schedule, we wanted to start hiking by 5.30pm. So learning the lesson that at the Kajang Stadium MRT Station, there were two bus stops, one with the “Bus Stop” sign, the other one with the “Berhenti” sign, we relocated ourselves to the “Berhenti” sign, hoping not to miss the next bus. DSC_1692.JPGThen another bus pulled up to the “Berhenti” sign, the number was 001, and that means the bus was not for boarding, but weirdly though, people were boarding them indeed. I went to the bus-driver and asked him if it was T460, he nodded yes and we were onboard. Its indeed special MRT doesn’t make use of fancy led lights in busses but indeed require people to casually ask if its T460, less use of electricity means less use of gas, and less use of gas doesn’t mean less fare for the bus ride, if only that happened, if only. DSC_1693.JPGNevertheless, we were on-board and we were on our way to our next stop, Kolej Vokasional Kajang, about 35 minutes away. During the journey, we observed traffic was quite heavy and there were many foreign workers on-board.

We finally arrived at our next stop, Kolej Vokasional Kajang, and then another long way continued. This time, we had to board the T450 bus, it was a long wait indeed.


Anyways, lets talk about the bus-stop we were waiting at, its definitely not child friendly, and if you were to walk beyond the bus stop, its a 10 feet drop into the storm  drain and it’ll be lethal for the disabled or young children. Poor design of the bus-stop indeed, very poorly designed. The bus finally arrived, and now, we were gettingDSC_1703.JPG closer and closer to our destination. The bus was filthy and crowded with foreign workers, well, its part of the journey. We got off just after Jalan Broga, at the BHP Petrol station to stock up and to get a Grab ride to the base of the hill. I was always intrigued to find out how much gas is needed for a 26-tyre-trailer, and there it was, an old Chinese man filling up his truck, the meter showed 202 litres of Diesel, that’s RM450 for a full tank! He got into his truck, waved at us and revved away.


Five minutes after that, our Grab ride had arrived and we were now in the final leg to reaching the base of the hill. It was a 15 minutes drive into Jalan Broga, we finally arrived, paid the driver and we were there, right at the entrance of Bukit Broga. As we were walking in, someone stopped us and required us to pay RM1 each as an “entrance fee.”

But oh well, the hike was all we’ve came for, and we started the hike. There were several paths leading up to the peak, and we decided to stick to a path which had the most footprints to prevent us from getting lost. Make sure you look out for red markingon trees or signs, it means you’re still on track, but if you happen to stray into a path without clear ground, its advisable that you don’t continue that path.


Twenty minutes into the hike, it was not really tiring as the elevations were not that steep, we continued until we managed to see the third peak of Broga Hills! Now this is where new hikers got to be really careful, due to soil erosion, the path leading up to the third peak is very steep, and if you’re not careful, you can get yourself seriously injured.


There is a rope along that steep path, be sure to really hold on to that when to attempt to climb the hill. There are holes and rocks along the steep path which you can park your foot, but do observe for loose gravel. That part of the hike really drained us, but just as we could reach the top, there was a white dog sitting right in the middle of the path. My Malay friend wasnt really excited about it and he demanded that I chased the dog away. I got close to the dog and it wasn’t frightened, but there was exposed flesh to its right side of its neck, indicating that someone might have beaten it real hard. I indicated my friend to continue the climb and that I’ll prevent it from getting close, but the dog didn’t do anything.


Once he got to the peak, I followed right behind him, the dog was still sitting right there. The third peak was beautiful, and the second peak was just in sight. We looked behind and we were full of awe, I was, it was clear skies, and the view was just amazing! My friend was really tired and he didn’t want to hike anymore, but we can’t just bail when we can already see the second peak this close, so after some persuasion, we pushed on to the second peak, and the view was even spectacular. 268 Metres from the ground, the view of mountains upon mountains and Semenyih was absolutely spectacular. There was a cool breeze and sounds of birds fill the atmosphere. A nice place indeed, but why, why, why people have to dispose their garbage all over the place. So instead of whinging, my friend decided to do some cleaning and then, we were enjoying the sight for a couple of minutes, munching our buns and chocolates too.DSC_1713.JPG

It was 6.35pm, I failed to persuade him to continue hiking till the first peak, well, my friend wanted to reach the base of the hill before we lose too much sunlight. We brought along our trash, and downhill we went. We walked through the third peak, and were faced with quite a challenge. A steep downhill was in our way, and it looked even scarier that looking up at it. My friend had trouble going down as it was too steep, nevertheless, he followed my guide on where to put his foot to prevent him from slipping. Surprisingly though, the dog which was there earlier, was still sitting there and my Malay friend started to panic again. I had a leftover sardine bun in my bag, and I thought I could lure him away the path with my bun. I missed a footing and slipped for about 6 metres until I managed to grab hold of the rope. My hands and legs had minor scratches, but thankfully, not too bad and it was not bleeding. So I got near the dog, allowed it to sniff me, and offered a bun. It wasnt too keen in accepting my gift though, so I thought it’d be better if I threw it down hill and not stand between the dog and its food. It worked, the dog left his spot and was making his way downhill, about 50 metres down. My friend and I managed to reach down, without serious injuries and we were really lucky. Once down, the white dog was looking at me, he had already eaten the bun and his tail was wagging. Upon close examination, I found out that the injury was quite bad and well, I really don’t think the dog will survive for long, it is a deep injury. The dog weirdly started barking towards me and ran downhill, I didn’t really care about it. So my friend and I continued downhill and we saw the dog again, waiting at an intersection. He was leading the path downhill, and it was then I realised, the dog was actually guiding us, how sweet was that! We continued following the dog since it was the same path we used to come up, until one intersection, the dog was standing infront of another path instead of the one we used before. We walked away from the dog and continued on our usual path, and to our surprise, the dog barked and ran into our path, and right past us, once again leading us downhill. Once we reached at the main entrance, the dog barked again and disappeared into the heavy vegetation, I was truly amazed having the opportunity to come across that dog and it was also educational for my Malay friend, who had stereotypical views of dogs. We reached the base of the hill at about 7.05pm, we made our way to the main road, and unfortunately, they weren’t any Grab drivers around. Wanting to go home and losing sunlight, we raised our hands towards passerby’s hoping for someone to give us a lift, twenty minutes of waving our hands, not a single car stopped, my friend was getting worried. Not giving up, I spotted a car heading out of the hill, and I took the opportunity, waved my hand and the car fortunately stopped. They were ex-students from Nottingham University wanting to return to campus, which was not far from where we wanted to go, and we were really thankful to them for the ride.

If you’re reading this, thanks pal, we really appreciated the ride to your campus, and the “tip” to getting us to the MRT station, we surely appreciate it!

They brought us to their campus, and it was a beautiful place inside, well, how a campus suppose to look like. We got down where the Nottingham University busses end and start their journey. My friend went to the university mosque for his evening prayers, and he was just in time when he returned, the bus was ready to make a move. We boarded the bus, 25 minutes later we arrived at the MRT station and from there, we were on our way home.






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