While I was asleep in my room one night…

While I was asleep in my room one night, something suddenly fell on my face. It was a wet shirt with a metallic scent, I looked around in shock and reached for the drawer by my bed. The room was dark, but the little cracks of the bedroom door allowed light rays to beam through. I grabbed it and upon trying to stand, my weak knees crashed, and I collapsed to the ground. There was a bright flash and a silhouette of someone falling.

My consciousness returned hours later. I was in bed, I could feel something pinching my finger and a rhythmic beep in the background. It was twelve something. I heard someone say: “…been waiting for me to wake up,” this person, deep voice. He told me I cannot go anywhere.

My hands were cuffed however.

I was then jailed, everyone said I shot him. It’s a lie! With nothing in hand but tattered clothes from more than a decade ago, I walked home as soon as I was free. The evening I was released, it was beautiful, I saw my balcony from below. I used to have drinks with him on that balcony.

He made a surprise visit for New Year. We had fun and he was very happy of me finally leaving my old life behind, he still loved me when everyone else have given up on me. I did not pull the trigger that night, I blacked out.

But I didn’t kill him, I’ll never hurt him. It all happened when I was asleep in my room…

“You made him that way Fiona, you did!

Look at him, aren’t you ashamed!

And this is the only thing he’s been repeating for ten years,” the judge angrily said.

“The partial print was yours and the body was found in your property.

“You have failed to prove otherwise and as this is your last appeal, you are still guilty of the murder of your husband and you shall be hanged by early next year. Case dismissed!

“Please bring the defendant back to the institution, doc, Sorry Mr.Dale.”

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