Change; Abomination or Benediction?

Topic: Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Change, the very element that is dealt to all humans regardless of creed, wealth or colour. The only difference is people’s percipiency of it is; whether it is a paradoxical Pandora’s box, or a transparent glass jar of sugar and spices. But why?

Some are hesitant about change due to the uncertainties that follow. They hold strong to their beliefs that everything they could possibly need or long for is already within sight or grasp. Change is the very pigment that stains their already perfect canvas. It just tips and distorts their colour scale to an irreversible point. Picturing its volatility frightens and exposes a weakness they have been working hard to curb; the fear of not being entirely in control.

However, to some, change is that zest that gives that little kick of gusto in their lives. It provides a sense of adventure and purpose to strive for against a world of autocracy and monotony. Change to them is akin to the ocean’s tides and waves their surf boards of destiny can easily ride. They welcome it as an opportunity to achieve a better state of wellbeing.

To illustrate the reason why certain individuals believe in the positive possibilities of change is simply because, to them, the very idea of change brings along a feeling of hope, that setbacks in any point in life, is only temporary and variable. Human suffering is merely man made. Ergo, it is thanks to their faith and determination that change can be wielded with the right mentality. As another example, thanks to various cutting edge technologies spawned from the sagacity of individuals who wished to turn the tables of the fate of their love ones in their losing duel with cancer, a significant number of people with failing organs can receive a new and perfectly healthy one with the help of 3D bio printing. Hence, certain persons’ buoyant outlook in life.

However, with the exception of more freedom of speech and actions, change in society norms and cultural beliefs should be re-examined. Should love really be blind, or are we just more compliant to satisfying the demands of the rowdiest whinger. Whatever the case, the laws of nature and reason should still triumph over sentiments and emotions. Change is imminent. Whether we choose to wield it or ride its tides, it is fundamentally our actions that determines if it is a Pandora’s box, or indeed just a jar of sugar and spices.

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