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LitQuiz: Sing to the Dawn

Think you know everything about the "Sing to the Dawn"? Why not test your knowledge with this quiz of ours!


Help Needed!

We are finding for students preferably to help us out in a few things.


STPM Past Year Questions to be launched soon!

STPM Past year papers from 2008-2017 will be launched soon. Please stay calm. Comment below for your interest and we will update you as soon as we publish the papers. Thanks. Advertisements

Introduction to understanding poetry: A Poison Tree

This is the first video by We hope you’d like it!

STPM Lit Repeat Paper Term 1 [2016]

Suggested Answers Section A (1): Critical Appreciation Contrast is a rhetorical device through which writers identify differences between two subjects, places, persons, things or ideas.

Q&A: Sample Essay

Q: Discrimination of gender is very apparent in some of the stories. Discuss the truth of this point with reference to a story you have studied. For Malaysian Form 6 Students

Q&A: Sample Essay

Q&A: The present reflects the past. Discuss with reference to the texts. For Malaysian Form 6 Students