International Women’s Day

For most of you in Malaysia, International Women’s Day may sound very new and I’m sure you may have come across many posters of this global event while scrolling your Facebook timeline Continue reading

When We Met

When We Met
By Fiona


Noel is shy. Despite being a prince charming, he’s always hiding behind his long hair bangs and his saggy clothes. He doesn’t speak normally and he doesn’t look at anyone in the eyes.

Christine is outgoing. She speaks what comes to her mind and never feels uncomfortable in front of others. She’s what you call a social butterfly. Continue reading

My Idea of Happiness

What is happiness? To me it is that tingling sensation as flecks of light and joy fall upon our contented visage, like golden rays of sunshine on freshly-mowed lawns in the summer. It is a sense of exhilaration and excitement felt from minute dabs of vibrant colours on life’s canvas, assembling masterpieces of dazzling palettes to replace the monochromatic dull greys of our banal existence.

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The future of the world lies in educating the younger generation. Do you agree?

From the miserable dark ages to the evanescent Golden age of smartphones and cutting age technology, our fore fathers have brought upon a series of revolutions that makes the 21st century an epic age to be a part of. But despite all that eye opening and jaw dropping discoveries, what about social morals or basic etiquette? Are they all as dead as dodo birds? Have we been living on the fast tracks for too long to even realise the moral setbacks of today’s society? Continue reading