I’m a freelance English Language writer and journalist who simply loves writing. I write for fun because I just enjoy it. Here, you can find tips and tricks to improve your writing proficiency, or find some very interesting and carefully worked on essays which can guide you.

Unlike other websites or blogs, I want students and people to understand that there’s no specific way of writing. Writing is a way of a person expressing his or her points in the person’s preferred way. However, teachers at schools, especially English Language Teachers at schools nowadays are forcing students to memorise English Essays or even force them to write according to the teacher’s way if they want their marks. Personally, I find this absolutely wrong and I too have been a victim of this. Students shouldn’t be afraid to write in their own way, we all make mistakes and we all can also learn from mistakes. Every essay or written piece should be special, just like one’s personality. The style of writing can reveal a lot about a person and don’t let your ideas wilt because no one’s encouraging your talent. Go for it, and don’t be afraid to try something new, than not try it at all.

I have got this fantastic team with me leading this advancement, and together we’ll try to provide only the best pieces to you all so that you as students, don’t need to “dive for pieces” on each page to search proper essays.

Also, if you want to help me make this site a better place for everyone here at Malaysia, head over to our support page and fill in the required spaces. This is a place for young English Language Writers, and age is not a matter. You can be a 9-year-old, and who says you can’t contribute! You do what’s best for your life, don’t forget your parents!

Don’t be afraid to try something new, than not try it at all

Thank you,


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