About Us

We are ordinary students with extraordinary hearts. This is our home, a home without doors, a home everyone are welcome. We grew up in the Malaysian education system, we have gone through countless English lessons, and here we are, coming up with a solution. Malaysians are indeed good writers, and creative beings, however, the system kills it.

This is just a small initiative to help Malaysian English learning students. We are giving you a free and quality-rich platform, a learning platform where you can use to further understand your stories or get tips on how to write better. English is not all about proudly getting an A+ with the teacher’s essay you memorised, its about the art of conveying what you have understood of a subject to the readers in a way they understand.

We will continue the LitScope series since that’s what Malaysians want. However, it’ll be done stage by stage, but surely we will, and eventually cover the whole of Malaysia.

We would like to thank you once again for the huge support we have been getting from Malaysia and we will strive to providing continuous and reliable resources to our readers.

For donation inquiries, or if you want to become one of us, kindly email us through support.

Thank you, from all of us,
Oct 15, 2017.


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