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STPM Past Year Questions to be launched soon!

STPM Past year papers from 2008-2017 will be launched soon. Please stay calm. Comment below for your interest and we will update you as soon as we publish the papers. Thanks.

While I was asleep in my room one night…

While I was asleep in my room one night, something suddenly fell on my face. It was a wet shirt with a metallic scent, I looked around in shock and reached for the drawer by my bed. The room was dark

GmeBiz: Nokia 1 and Nokia 7 Plus finally lands in Malaysia.

Today, HMD Global finally announced the highly anticipated Nokia 7 Plus to the Malaysian market, along with its cheapest but promised-to-be-stable Nokia 1. Having once being the worldwide market leader for phones, Nokia had a rough journey with their Windows Phone series and the struggle continued when Microsoft took over operations. On May 2016, HMD ...

The Day The East Wind Blew (Popular Essay Question)

Q: Write about a day when everything went wrong. Life is as unpredictable as a weather vane, as stormy and sunny weather interchange within a matter of seconds. Yet, more often than not, misfortune rains on our parade, washing us down a dark, dirty, dismal chute of dread and dismay. Such are the vicissitudes of ...

International Women’s Day

For most of you in Malaysia, International Women’s Day may sound very new and I’m sure you may have come across many posters of this global event while scrolling your Facebook timeline

LitScope: What Has Happened to Lulu by Charles Causley

LitScope: What Has Happened to Lulu by Charles Causley For Malaysian Form 4 Students.

LitNotes: The Elephant Man

Download LitNotes: The Elephant Man

LitQuiz: The Elephant Man

So you think you can score? Try our LitQuiz: The Elephant Man. 

LitScope: The Living Photograph by Jackie Kay

LitScope: The Living Photograph by Jackie Kay For Malaysian Form 4 Students.