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Litscope: News Break by Max Fatchen

LitScope: News Break by Max Fatchen For Malaysian Form 1 Students.

LitScope: Sad I Ams by Trevor Millum

A LitScope analysis for Sad I Ams by Trevor Millum, exclusively for Malaysian Form 1 Students.

LitQuiz: Sing to the Dawn

Think you know everything about the "Sing to the Dawn"? Why not test your knowledge with this quiz of ours!

LitNotes: The Elephant Man

Download LitNotes: The Elephant Man

LitQuiz: The Elephant Man

So you think you can score? Try our LitQuiz: The Elephant Man. 

LitScope: Sing to The Dawn by Minfong Ho

For all English SPM students in Kelantan, Perak, Terengganu and Penang. An in-depth review of individual chapter synopsis, character traits and themes, its all you need to sharpen your knowledge of this story.